(An ideal galactagogue) (Asavarishta type liquid)
Ingredients: Shatawari, Nagarmotha, Morwel, Gulwel, Kutaki, Sariva etc.
Properties: Deficient lactation leads to nutritional failure in breastfed infants. These infants show underdevelopment, fail to gain weight, have poor sleeping habits. 'Lactovin' contains herbal drugs like Shatawari, Sariva, Gulwel, Morewel, Kutaki which are described in texts as 'Stanya Vishodhan' i.e. drugs which remove unwholesome constituents from mother's milk and make it easily digestible and nourishing to baby. Lactovin helps to improve the nutritional status of breastfed babies and increases resistance to infections.A regular dose of 'Lactovin' may be started immediately after delivery.
Indications: Babies dependent on mother milk may suffer from cough, indigestion, lack of appetite associated with vomiting/diarrhoea etc. An apparently healthy mother may produce milk just above the infant's tolerance. In such cases a regular dose of Lactowin to mother is indicated.
Dosage and Administration: 2-3 tablespoonfuls with equal quantity of warm water twice or thrice a day.
Presentation: Bottle of 200 ml (with carton).
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