The Ayurvedeeya Arkashala Ltd. is one of the major manufacturer of Quality Ayurvedic medicines in Maharashtra since 1926. The factory is located at Satara, a growing town on Pune- Bengalore Highway/NH-4 (120 km from Pune) in Maharashtra. Arkashala was established by Late Shri. Dr. M. N. Agashe, a devoted worker of Ayurveda. Although, he was graduate of Allopathic medicine, he had a keen interest in Ayurvedic system of medicine. His aim was to provide effective and reliable Ayurvedic medicines to treat common ailments with minimal side effects, at low cost. Arkashala has been engaged in manufacturing Quality Ayurvedic Products for more than 90 years as per standards and procedures prescribed in ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Arkashala products are the result of research, experience and knowledge of Ayurvedacharya Late Shri Venimadhav Shastri Joshi, Late Shri G. A. Phadke, Shri D. V. Bodas. These products are safe as they are manufactured from natural, herbal and mineral sources and therefore free from any adverse effects as like modern synthetic medicines.

Arkashala products have been prescribed by many practicing physicians for more than 90 years and have established their efficacy, standard and prime position in therapy. For last 10-15 years, there is a trend in therapy towards using natural and Ayurvedic system of medicine. We are happy to observe that many of the allopathic practitioners are taking keen interest in our products.

At present Arkashala manufactures more than 100 products which are divided into two major types - Patent and proprietary (‘Arkashala’ formulae) and granthokta (formulae taken from ancient texts). Pathas taken from ancient texts like Bhaishajya ratnavati, ashtang hriday, ras yog sagar, charak samhita are also known as generic products.

Our products include choornas, guti vati, tablets, oils and ghrutas, asavarishtas, rasayan & matras, lapa and malam, parpati, bhasmas and granules.

We are proud of the position we have attained but we aim much higher. We know that continuous encouragement from medical profession is most necessary for our growth. On our part we pledge the highest standard and strictest code of conduct and production values to retain your faith.

We welcome constructive criticism, useful observations and suggestions. We take this opportunity to thank doctors who have extended their patronage to our products.

Registered Office:- ARKASHALA BHAVAN
R.N.Godbole Road, Dr.M.N.Agashe Chowk,
165, 166 Shukrawar Peth, SATARA 415002 (MAHARASHTRA)
Phone No.(02162)250478
Email: – ayurved_arkashala@yahoo.com

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