Granthokta (classical) ayurvedic medicines

Granthokta (classical) ayurvedic medicines are the medicines prepared by following formula given in the ancient ayurvedic texts (granthas) approved by Govt. Of India. Arkashala prepares various granthokta medicines like choorna, siddha tail, asavarishta, bhasma etc. The name of the granth (text) is given in bracket for reference. The products are listed below -


Heavy metals e.g. Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron etc. are used for health of mankind by all Pathies. In Ayurveda there are many processes like Shodhana, Marana etc, are done with metals so that they become phycially microfine, easily absorbable and show minimum side effects. They are treated with son many herbal extracts that their hazardous effects are removed and useful activities are multiplicated. As quoted in Sanskrit shloka, though they are heavy metals their absorption is increased. Arkashala’s bhasmas are prepared and processed under supervision of trained technical personnel.

  1. ABHRAK BHASMA (Nishchandra) (Rasaratna Samuchaya)
  2. ABHRAK BHASMA (Shataputi) (Rasaratna Samuchaya)
  3. KAPARDIK BHASMA (Ayu. Proprietary Medicine)
  4. TAMRA BHASMA (Rasaratna Samuchaya)
  5. TRIVANG BHASMA ( Rasa Chandanshu)
  6. MOUKTIK BHASMA (Ayu. Proprietary Medicine)
  7. MANDUR BHASMA (Rasaratna Samuchaya)
  8. ROUPYA BHASMA (Rasaratna Samuchaya)
  9. LOHA BHASMA (Rasaratna Samuchaya)
  10. VANGA BHASMA (Sharangadhara Samhita)
  11. SHANKHA BHASMA (Rasa Chandanshu)
  12. SUVARNAMAKSHIK BHASMA (Yoga Ratnakara)
  13. GODANTI HARTAL BHASMA (Ayu. Proprietary Medicine)
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