(Rejuvenating medicine containing gold)
Ingredients: Swarna Bhasma, Mouktik bhasma, gulvel satva, kalkhapari, mire etc.
Properties: Vasant Mishran is a formulation of herbal and mineral drugs having high therapeutic value. It is indicated in early tuberculosis, general debility and to regain strength after recovery from severe illness. It is good source of calcium and zinc. It is good immunomodulator, increases appetite, improves metabolism and gives general sense of well being.
Indications: Early tuberculosis, recovery from major illness, to regain strength and immunity. Especially useful for young persons, professionals facing heavy mental stress, geriatric persons.
Dosage and Administration: One tablet a day with fresh butter and sugar or with chyavanprash.
Presentation: Pack of 20 tabs and 40 tabs.
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