(Hepatoprotective Herbal Tablets)
Ingredients: Gulwel, Raktarohida, Daruhalad, Amalaki, Kutaki etc. with bhasmas of shankh, kapardik , dagadiber.
Properties: Arkaliv is formulated as 'Liver Protective' with incorporation of drugs like Gulwel, Kutaki, Amalaki, Raktarohida etc. Gulwel is well known as hepatoprotective and it regulates bile flow. Kutaki is stomachic, bitter in taste useful in infective and amoebic type of liver. Daruhalad is effective in treating hepatic spleenic enlargements and catarrhal jaundice. Raktarohida is blood purifier and hepatic stimulant. Shankh and Kapardik bhasma acts as antacid. Arkaliv is useful in dyspepsia, peptic acid disorders, constipation, malnutrition and other digestive disorders. 'Arkaliv' is drug of choice in epidemic jaundice (Hepatitis-A) caused by water pollution. Arkaliv is also liver protective for alcohol addicts. Arkaliv is safe herbal drug as it contains only herbal processed with aqueous extracts and therefore suitable for long term use. 'Arkaliv' can be used as therapeutic as well as prophylactic drug in all liver disorders.
Indications: Arkaliv is mainly indicated in liver disorders like Hepatitis, Jaundice, hepatic insufficiency, hepatic and spleenic enlargements, peptic disorders, Liver cirrhosis, liver damage due to alcohol consumption.
Dosage and Administration: 2-3 tablets twice or thrice a day.
Presentation: Pack of 50, 250 and 500 tabs.
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