(Ayurvedic herbal toothpowder)
Ingredients: Fine powders of Bakul, babul, neem, triphala, alum, camphor. (This is ayurvedic herbal toothpowder and it does not contain chalk powder.)
Properties: Bakul Dant Dhawan is formulated to treat disorders of teeth and gum. Bakul is useful for fixing the teeth while babul is very famous in oral care and strengthening gums. Neem is germicidal and helps in healing cracks, ulcers and wounds in mouth. Alum stops bleeding from gums. Camphor prevents bad breath and gives cooling sensation. Its daily use cures pyorrhea and maintains good oral health.
Indications: Dental pain, bleeding gums, bad breath, poor dental health. Recommended for daily use as tooth powder.
Dosage and Administration:  Sufficient quantity to be applied on teeth and gums, kept for some time and then wash thoroughly with water.
Presentation: Plastic container of 50 g , 100 g and 500 g.
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